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It all started when bunch of single girls ordered few strippers in Las Vegas for their private party. These horny chicks are literally starving for some cock in their mouth. There is about twenty girls in one room with only one black guy. He dances around them and let them suck his hard black dick one after one. Chicks suck it and wank it like never before.

When all girls had this black cock in their mouth then comes another naked white stripper to the scene. His tightened cock is ready for action! The first girl strikes for that cock. She wanted to have it only for herself! Other girls just jealously watch how she sucks it good. Strippers also use whipped cream on their dicks. Girls love to eat it from hard glans.

These wild parties are also known as Dancing Bear. It’s very popular group porn CFNM practice in the US. If you look for these videos on porn tube websites you should try it in group categories or enter into search field terms like dancing bear, stripper, party etc. You will definitely find it.

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Forget all those cfnm pornstar movies and nude galleries, check out these guys how they like to party. These guys really love doing things outdoor and as we can see in this picture, these girls are having a better time than he is. It seems that because of his erection this guy gather a few girls around him and as we can all see, one of them is feeling very hungry and anxious in getting that dick inside her warm wet mouth. I’m guessing that she’s thinking of the cold that dick and it’s balls are suffering so she figured that getting them warmed up would be a great idea.

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CFNM nurses video with a penis pump

Jake here thought things were a bit strange when all of the nurses at the doctors office seemed to be wearing some very short skirts that let their asses hangout. His suspicions were confirmed once he got on the examination table and the girls wanted him to strip naked. All he has was a cough. Why did he have to be naked for that?

In this CFNM nurse video the girls figured his problem might actually be a built of cum that needed to be expelled. They tried hooking up a penis pump to suck out the venom, as it were, but that didn’t work. Next they tried the manual method of sucking his cock. No matter how hard each of them tried they couldn’t get his balls to release his sperm.

That is when the head nurse realized they were going to have to take drastic action. She called for a show of hands on who would be willing to fuck his thick and meat cock until he shot his load. To her surprise there was no lack of volunteers. Having seniority she decided this was best left to her and jumped on his fat cock.

There are thousands of free porno videos in the CFNM niche on this site. Each of them is tagged so you can find them easily by searching for CFNM porn. Plus, you will find hundreds of thousands more videos in other genres that are hot enough to light a match!

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Only Tease blonde babe in sexy lingerie

Is there anything more gorgeous in all of the world than a woman in lingerie? Lingerie and proper lighting leave a lot to the imagination. You end up with fantasies that travel into hidden areas of her body. Like between her legs in the photo above. Your imagination tells you that she could be naked. She could be sitting on your face. She could be letting you drink from her nectar!

My first experience with CFNM sex was with a girl that wore her mom’s garter belt and nylons along with her own bra and panties. Oh, and she had some high heels from her mom’s collection on as well. She made me get on my hands and knees. I was like a naughty dog-boy that needed spankings and to jerk myself off for her pleasure. Not mine.

I had some good times with that girl. Perhaps that is why I love to go to Only Tease when I want to see hot girls in lingerie. The only problem lately has been coming up with the cash to join the site. has me covered there though. They have dozens of cheap porn sites to choose from. And by cheap I mean sites with a discount membership available.

Only Tease happens to be one of the discount sites. At $19.95 a month it fits nicely into my budget.

Porn Tips is more than just a place to find good porn. It is a place to save you a ton of money as well.

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Do some CFNM stroking with Fergie A

One of my first CFNM situations wasn’t exactly a strict CFNM situation. She was a few years older than I was and she liked to run things. She was wearing a sexy dress and some nylons she probably borrowed from her mother’s closet without her knowing.

Her deal was that she would remove the dress if I would strip down to my underwear. It seemed like a sweet enough deal at the time. So I ripped off my clothes and she removed her dress. She still had her bra and panties on, plus those nylons. It kind of reminded me of those Benny Hill girls in their lingerie. How did they ever let that show on national television?

After we both took each other in for a minute or so she told me she would take off her top and let me play with her boobs if I would take off my under shorts. I wasn’t too sure about that one. I mean, I’d be naked down there! She seemed to sense my apprehensiveness and began to remove her bra to up the ante. It worked. Once her lady friends fell out of her bra and jiggled a little I subconsciously began to pull down my shorts.

Just like her boobies my cock popped out with a jiggle. It flopped around and she smiled at it. This made me want to cover it, but she stopped me before I could to bring my hands to her ample bosoms. I kneaded them before bringing my head down to suck on them. Before I knew it I felt a hand on my cock.

She was kind of playing with my cock, but I wasn’t sure she knew what she was doing. I grabbed her hand and tried to get it to stroke me up and down. Instead she switched places with me and grasped my hand tightly around my cock.

"That’s okay, silly. Every boy plays with his cock once he sees a set of boobs like mine. You can do that for me, can’t you? I want to see you cum!" She beamed at me.

When I went to say something she pulled my face into her tits so hard it was lights out. I was literally smothered in titties. I started pulling on my Johnson. As I did so she let me have more air. Not much, but enough to stay alive anyway.

As time went on and I got closer to cumming she let my head go. I pulled back to get a good look at her boobs, then I shot my cum all over her nylons. She was real happy for a minute, but then she realized they weren’t her nylons and she got all pissy with me for doing that.

These Fergie Met Art galleries really brought back those good times with my old CFNM flame. Fergie might not have the big tits that other girl had, but what she lacks in cup size she more than makes up for with her pretty face. Not to mention Fergie has some pretty perky looking tits.

I am going to leave you know, but don’t forget to check out some smooth pussy babes. The ALS Scan models shaved themselves to the point they look nubile looking. We are talking waxing on some of these girls. As close as they shave you would think they were jailbait!

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CFNM sex cams with Canna

Nothing sucks worse then beating off without anybody there is share the pleasurable experience with. Now you can have somebody there to not only watch you, but also give you some jerkoff instruction. It is the ultimate in CFNM sex, and you can have it without somebody else actually being in the same room with you.

Sex cams have come a long way since the beginning of the Internet. These days there are awesome cam-to-cam features so that you can have jerkoff instruction chats, and other types of sex chat, that require this kind of technology. I wish they had this when the economy was booming so that I could afford it.

Then again, there are new types of sex chat shows to rectify this problem as well. They are called gold shows and they allow you to rack up sexcam time into the hundreds of dollars and pay only a few bucks. You put up $3 to $5 and so does the rest of the room. Then the girl gets nasty for all of you at the same time. I know this isn’t the optimal kind of show for jerk off instruction, but it is a lot better than watching videos without any kind of interaction at all!