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When you look at a CFNM situation and break it down to its most basic level you are really talking about femdom. Females dominating their male counterparts either through deception or fear and intimidation. Blackmail goes a long way in the CFNM realm. Women like Royal_Domina know exactly how to remove your defenses. She can strip you of your dignity before you have a chance to put up the wall. is not a fly by night operation. They have been providing their domination chat service for years. Many high powered men come in to be put in their place. To be reminded of just how fragile they really are. One false step and it could be their last.

The live cam network is used by individual dominatrices who need to be able to connect to their subjects when time constraints or distance physically has them set to far apart to meet in person. Maybe a CEO has to go on a trip to Vienna or maybe he only has thirty minutes to spare before giving the presentation of his life. Right from his cell phone he can get the words of discouragement he needs.

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One of my favorite CFNM experiences was with a real domineering nerdy chick who liked to show me off to her friends and take picture of me naked. She was a bit of a bitch. She had dirt on just about everybody on my block and in my school. Including other girls, teachers, faculty and parents!

When I masturbate I like to start out jerking off to CFNM porn videos. Then I branch out into other stuff and more often then not I come right back to the CFNM porn. Certain networks have it set up where you can enjoy their clothed female naked male content and other content without having to buy eighteen different passwords. One in particular has everything a growing porn habit needs. It is called Reality Kings.

You can get in for the low rate of only $9.95 a month with the porn discount for Reality Kings on The discounts on Porn Deals change from time to time so it is important to take advantage of the good ones like this one before they go back up again.

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The first time I had a CFNM experience with a busty MILF was when I was spending the night at a family friend’s house. My parents were going out of town and she was the only person around that could watch over me. She was very beautiful and about three times my age. She had never had any kids, but that didn’t matter when it came to her tits. They were huge!

As you might imagine I was very interested in seeing her naked boobs. One night while she was in the shower I slipped into her room and crept over to the bathroom area hoping to sneak a peek at her luscious rack of tits. I could hear the shower running. As I crept passed her discarded clothing I noticed her satin panties. They had a full back on them and looked so soft. I had to touch them to my cock.

Listening for her I could hear the shower water making noises that told me she was most likely washing her hair. I reached down and grabbed her panties. I noticed the gusset was wet. I am talking very wet. I smelled her wetness and it smelled of pee and something else. A musky sent. I ran my finger over the wetness and noticed it felt gooey. It was her pussy cum. I licked it and pulled my cock out of my pants to stroke it off. Just as soon as my cock burst out of my zipper I heard a shriek!

It was the lady of the house. She was standing there in front of me wearing a satin robe. I was caught red handed. There was no use in trying to hide what I was doing. Standing there with my dick in my hand and her panties to my face I waited for her to do something. Suddenly her look of horror began to fade into a look of coyness. She shot me a wry smile and lifted herself up onto the counter. My hand began to pump again and I inhaled her scent again. My cock was massively hard and throbbing so hard I knew I would cum soon.

My babysitter played with the top of her robe letting it fall just enough to show the better part of her boobs without showing me her nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my cum all over her bathroom tile. Some of it shot far enough to land on her leg. She ran a finger through it and tasted it while my cock kept spurting. She looked so hot!

Even though I am in my twenties and perfectly capable of taking care of myself I still find that having an older woman watch me jerk off is the ultimate fantasy. To find hot women for the job I hit up New women are coming online all of the time so there is always somebody new to find, hookup with and live out my CFNM fantasies!