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Carrie has gone through a nasty break up and has recently started dating again. Since her friends are so worried about the young babe they decide to make her new boy take a test and get into some hot CFNM action. Her last guy treated her really badly and these dominating females want to teach this guy a lesson and show him who is boss before he could ever get controlling over their friend! WATCH the video and see what happens when the hot stud named Dave enters the room with the three girls waiting!

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They ask him a bunch of questions and see how far he would go to be the man for Carrie! After asking him to strip down he removes his clothes reluctantly and has his nice huge cock getting hard right in front of their faces! The guy gets totally embarrassed from the CFNM encounter and has to give himself a forced hand-job if he wants a date! Pretty soon the sexy brunette babe rubs on his shaft, but he is so nervous he has troubles with his ruined orgasm! SEE the video and enjoy!.