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Many women do not get to see any cock but their husband or boyfriend, and quite often don’t know what they’re missing! It sometimes takes a group before they really let their inhibitions go and take the opportunity to see guys stripped down with their cocks available for their touch. When the girls get together they let their hair down and can’t wait to get their hands around some toned guy’s hard cock, especially when it’s presented to them in a tight little package.

This guy’s shorts barely could contain his cock when it was half-hard, and the girls didn’t believe that it was all him. They had to strip him out of those shorts to get a closer look for themselves. Once they saw that it really was all him, all four girls had to get a feel of it for themselves in the cfnm encounter. His hard cock fascinated them and they all took turns stroking and playing with it until it was nice and hard. Like any guy though, when he had that many women playing with his cock at once he could barely control himself. The girls practically had to duck when he came, before he sprayed all over them!