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When a young foreign student rents out a room in a house full of rowdy ladies, than he can’t be surprised if they have really weird traditions of welcoming new faces! Julien is a French boy who doesn’t speak English really well, so when Ashleigh gets him to strip off to show he has nothing to hide for her mom and friend, he is reluctant to do as she says or he will have no place to spend the night! Watch the CFNM encounter when the embarrassed boy pulls off his pants and stops at his boxers! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch him get totally stripped naked!

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Ashleigh’s friend rips down his boxers and instead of giggling all the girls are amazed at the size of his cock. Pretty soon Julien gets himself into cock control when the girls start handling his package! The demanding babes make him give himself a forced handjob right in front of their faces, and kneels down to let them enjoy the show! WATCH the video and see the CFNM seduction result in tease and denial before finally letting him erupt his load!.

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Ashleigh is a young babe who loves to have her first sexual experiments. When she and her sister got a new french boy to stay with them for a couple of months as an exchange student, she used the chance and worked up his cock! Ashleigh told her sister Laura all about Julien’s cock who then told their mom who was eager to see! She got the boy downstairs and demanded him to pull down his pants! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action as the hardly speaking student gets embarrassed and troubled and doesn’t know what to do!


The cock control is on and the mom takes things into her own hands! She pulls his pants down and has his huge shaft revealed! Watch as Laura and her mom check out his cock and even get a feel of the thick thrusting shaft! Before long the French boy is given a forced hand job and has a ruined orgasm while the middle age woman watches! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM encounter and watch him cum for the mom!