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This video isn’t true CFNM because she eventually does get naked, but he never gets to fuck her. It reminds me of a neighbor I had when I was growing up. She always made comments about what a "man" I was turning into and what not. One day she cornered me in her backyard while I was helping her with leaves in her pool. She asked me if I had ever received a blowjob and when I said no, she told me it was about time I did.

Before I knew what happened she had my shorts down around my ankles and she pushed me back into one of the lounge chairs. Her warm mouth instantly set my nerves at ease as her tongue rolled around the head of my quickly growing cock. Before it was fully erect she put the entire thing in her mouth. The warm feeling was unbelievable. I wanted to but right in her throat!

Once I finally did cum she got kind of weird. I think it hit her that she could get into a lot of trouble if I told anybody about what she had done. I am sure the statute of limitations has run out on this babe so I am spilling the beans.

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