It is a strange calling, but a calling nonetheless. It seems 99% of guys out there have masturbated about getting taken advantage of by more than one hot girl. Some of us have actually had the experience while most of us just dream about it. Either way this video from Pure CFNM will speak to you.

I was a horny little lad early on. The older girls on my street thought they were taking advantage of me when they had me masturbate for them. They had no idea I had been fantasizing about performing for them for weeks before it finally happened. They also had no idea that I had set the whole thing up.

After that encounter there were many more with the girls in groups and one on one. Ever since then I have been hooked on getting humiliated by clothed girls. I love to masturbate for them. The funny thing is there are a remarkable number of girls out there that haven’t seen a guy jerkoff. Ever!

With the weekly updates and years worth of videos in the member area I have to say that Pure CFNM is a great deal. The owner really understands all of the facets of the CFNM niche!


I have always had a fondness for the game Truth or Dare. Between that game and spin the bottle I think I ended up banging more girls in high school than I could ever hope to later in life!

The best way to "win" at Truth or Dare is to lose. Let the girls think they are getting one on you. If you have to get naked while they aren’t, no big deal! It just means you are about to play out your CFNM fantasy in real life and the girls are none-the-wiser!

At Pure CFNM they update weekly with new CFNM porn. Each update has CFNM pictures and a CFNM video. The videos will blow your mind. I can’t think of a sexier site!

Perhaps the biggest reason to join Pure CFNM is they don’t use porn stars. These are real girls you have a chance with. They probably look like girls you played Truth or Dare with at some point in life!

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You have probably heard of a step-monster before. She is a woman that comes in and takes over all aspects of her step-children’s lives when she puts her hooks into daddy. Well, when the step-monster has a daughter that girl usually has one hell of a mean streak and that is exactly the kind of girl Paige is!

She wasn’t getting everything she wanted from her new step-daddy so she decided to take things into her own hands… literally! Paige and her friends drugged her step-dad and then broke out the video camera and filmed themselves playing with his little cock.


Even though he was drugged his member began to grow and the girls wanted to know if he could cum while sleeping too. After each of them took a turn jerking his sleepy cock he shot his load all over his tummy.


None of the girls had seen real cum up close before and they all couldn’t resist having a little taste of his man-goo. Once his cock juice was spent the girls were again amazed by how it shrank back down to a little noodle again. They wondered if he would even know he had cum when he woke up?!?!


The reality of it is, he will most certainly know he came if he ever turns his step-daughter’s request down again. She wouldn’t hesitate to take her new video to her mommy to blackmail that dirty old man!

Pure CFNM has realistic videos and photo galleries depicted all of the naughty and depraved shit perverted minds think of when they are idle for too long. There are voyeur videos, femdom videos, exhibition videos and much, much more. Take the tour and be amazed!