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CFNM Video

Today’s hot CFNM gallery features some free video clips from the latest scene from top UK CFNM site Pure CFNM. The scenario involves a workman who becomes accidentally trapped in some scaffolding. Unable to move or free himself he calls for help and waits helplessly for someone to find him. He is relieved when four women finally hear his shouting and come to see what is going on. The women are surprised to find this completely helpless man trapped in the scaffolding but they have no intention of freeing him straight away!

When the women arrive the workman thinks he is about to be freed but he is shocked when they just laugh at him in his predicament. The women start to tease him and make fun of him but for some reason he finds this arousing and a bulge starts to develop in his jeans. The women are shocked by this but decide to get a closer look by tearing the guy’s jeans off him and getting a good feel of his cock!

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