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Being a hair dresser has its peaks. You get to work with some really sexy babes and feel their hair and look down their shirt! However when Paul had a sexy client in his chair he decided to go a little too far. After starting off by gently massaging her neck, they naughty boy started sliding down his hands to grope her nice large tits! When his boss walked through the door she started screaming at him, and almost fired the guy! The young client was so nervous and uncomfortable that she wanted to report him for sexual harassment! SEE the video and watch the CFNM encounter this guy goes through when he gets himself in the wrong hands!

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His boss decides there are better ways to teach him a lesson than to report him, and wants to get him totally embarrassed. When the three girls take him into cock control, this hair stylist doesn’t know what hit him! Watch the face sitting he endures, followed by orgasm denial once these girls jerk him up to a peeking point and then let go of his dick! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM action!