Do some CFNM stroking with Fergie A

One of my first CFNM situations wasn’t exactly a strict CFNM situation. She was a few years older than I was and she liked to run things. She was wearing a sexy dress and some nylons she probably borrowed from her mother’s closet without her knowing.

Her deal was that she would remove the dress if I would strip down to my underwear. It seemed like a sweet enough deal at the time. So I ripped off my clothes and she removed her dress. She still had her bra and panties on, plus those nylons. It kind of reminded me of those Benny Hill girls in their lingerie. How did they ever let that show on national television?

After we both took each other in for a minute or so she told me she would take off her top and let me play with her boobs if I would take off my under shorts. I wasn’t too sure about that one. I mean, I’d be naked down there! She seemed to sense my apprehensiveness and began to remove her bra to up the ante. It worked. Once her lady friends fell out of her bra and jiggled a little I subconsciously began to pull down my shorts.

Just like her boobies my cock popped out with a jiggle. It flopped around and she smiled at it. This made me want to cover it, but she stopped me before I could to bring my hands to her ample bosoms. I kneaded them before bringing my head down to suck on them. Before I knew it I felt a hand on my cock.

She was kind of playing with my cock, but I wasn’t sure she knew what she was doing. I grabbed her hand and tried to get it to stroke me up and down. Instead she switched places with me and grasped my hand tightly around my cock.

"That’s okay, silly. Every boy plays with his cock once he sees a set of boobs like mine. You can do that for me, can’t you? I want to see you cum!" She beamed at me.

When I went to say something she pulled my face into her tits so hard it was lights out. I was literally smothered in titties. I started pulling on my Johnson. As I did so she let me have more air. Not much, but enough to stay alive anyway.

As time went on and I got closer to cumming she let my head go. I pulled back to get a good look at her boobs, then I shot my cum all over her nylons. She was real happy for a minute, but then she realized they weren’t her nylons and she got all pissy with me for doing that.

These Fergie Met Art galleries really brought back those good times with my old CFNM flame. Fergie might not have the big tits that other girl had, but what she lacks in cup size she more than makes up for with her pretty face. Not to mention Fergie has some pretty perky looking tits.

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