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Three young girlfriends decided to open their own ice cream shop in town! On their opening day they were really nervous and checked over everything, to find one of the machines down. Quickly Taylor grabbed the phone and called the handy man who was quick and reliable! When he came over a quickly fixed the machines the girls had some time to give him a special thank you! The CFNM babes started teasing his fantasies by licking the cones he gave them to test in a really erotic way, getting the pussy hungry boy a bulge in his pants! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the girls get him seduced in CFNM teasing!

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He seems like a guy who doesn’t get much pussy, and the girls wanted to please his banana split! See them peel off his clothes and lick up his shaft while doing some face sitting to make things a little hotter! Things start to melt as the heat gets up and the tease and denial begins, when he realizes he won’t be getting his nice long pole into any warm cupcakes like he imagined! WATCH the video now!