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When a group of four sexy girls get together for a party with only two guys left at home, than you know there is trouble. Although they are fine as hell in their super hot outfits and sipping on some bubblies, these girls are the masters of tease and denial! See the CFNM treatment that these boys get when they get themselves caught up in the dominating female party! The girls show a little tit and a little slit to get the boys rolling and hard, ready to have some warm pussy to thrust into! WATCH the video and see the boys get worked up and have girls take them into cock control!

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The CFNM Max babes give amazing forced hand jobs and get the boys doing everything they wish, making them eat out their pussies and taste their sweet tits! However the shocking reality is like a slap on the face when the CFNM chicks let go of their cocks, and leave them to be with a ruined orgasm! SEE the video and watch the cock control these boys go under!.