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Vienna BDSM Escort Red Sonja Wants To Know Where In The Hell You've Been?

There is a saying that says you can run, but you can’t hide. This is true when it comes to BDSM and the CFNM niche. No matter how much you try to deny it you enjoy having a woman in charge. The only question is how far you are willing to let the abuse go. Red Sonja is a BDSM-Vienna escort that is going to find out.

Now assume the position!

There was a time when I was innocent and I didn’t know a damn thing about submission or even sex for that matter. It all changed when I met the girl next door who just happened to have a bit of a mean streak. She played a sick and twisted game with my head and it worked. Before long I was tugging at my noodle without really understanding why.

Over time her games became an obsession for me. I was only allowed to jerkoff and cum in my mistresses presence. Once I thought I would be clever and I shot my load into a sock and hid it underneath my mattress. She knew something was up so she told my mom I had stolen a bracelet form her and that I had told one of my friends it was under my bed. My mom suddenly wanted to have the birds and the bees talk with me. Very embarrassing!

From that point on my obsession with having a woman in charge grew to the point where now I don’t feel whole without my mistress telling me I can feel that way. While on trips to other countries like Austria it is nice to know a domination escort is only a phone call away. will hook you up with a woman like Red Sonja that can make you feel whole again. You don’t deserve it, but she is going to give it to you anyway.

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Watch free CFNM movies on

I have been looking for this video just about everywhere. I cannot believe I ended up finding on the site I watch most of my porn on. I never thought to do a search for free CFNM porn movies on their site. Now that I have I am sitting here mind blown watching these hot CFNM brunette teens stroking brother’s cock for him. It reminds me of how my little sister and her friends used to enjoy playing with my pecker back in the day.

This just proves that as a society we often overlook the things we want when they are sitting right in front of us. From now on I will be searching for tube porn before I go trudging along looking elsewhere. I suggest you do the same too unless you figure your wheel would somehow be better than the one I invented.

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This is some extreme HD porn and I am not just talking about the higher resolution than most porn tubes have. I am talking about the British tramp that is smothering her subject with her panty covered coochie while she waxes his penis. Why do guys like this sort of shit? Hmm… I dunno… Because sometimes it is fun to be told what to do?

My first CFNM experience was with the older sister of a friend of mine. She had come into his room to wake me up when everybody else had left to go get some school clothes and do other shopping.

She wanted to play a game with me. She told me to lie down on the floor with my hands at my sides while she blind folded me. Then she told me she was going to place different types of candy in front of my lips. It was my job to lick them and discern which type of candy they were.

After several I got like candy canes and a tootsie roll she put something kind of rubbery. Later I would come to realize it was her nipple with some chocolate smeared on it. She kept going back to it every other candy to see if I would get it. Eventually I noticed things got a little dark as I licked something very soft. It smelled like candy. Bubble gum to be exact. But there was something different about it. That ended up being her pussy.

I miss those games. Maybe that is why my sick and twisted mind enjoys the HD porn on so much. I am just reliving the good times in high definition!