Only Tease blonde babe in sexy lingerie

Is there anything more gorgeous in all of the world than a woman in lingerie? Lingerie and proper lighting leave a lot to the imagination. You end up with fantasies that travel into hidden areas of her body. Like between her legs in the photo above. Your imagination tells you that she could be naked. She could be sitting on your face. She could be letting you drink from her nectar!

My first experience with CFNM sex was with a girl that wore her mom’s garter belt and nylons along with her own bra and panties. Oh, and she had some high heels from her mom’s collection on as well. She made me get on my hands and knees. I was like a naughty dog-boy that needed spankings and to jerk myself off for her pleasure. Not mine.

I had some good times with that girl. Perhaps that is why I love to go to Only Tease when I want to see hot girls in lingerie. The only problem lately has been coming up with the cash to join the site. has me covered there though. They have dozens of cheap porn sites to choose from. And by cheap I mean sites with a discount membership available.

Only Tease happens to be one of the discount sites. At $19.95 a month it fits nicely into my budget.

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