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While I was growing up our family got pretty chummy with another family where the kids were all about the same age except the youngest ones. I was ultimately the baby of the group and their daughter was about two years older than I was. Everyone else was five years older or more.

This girl wasn’t the walking definition of pretty, but she was the walking definition of the girl next door. Not super cute, not ugly by any meaning of the word. She always wore skirts and dresses with bright colored panties. From time to time I got a peek at them and sometimes I lingered a bit too long. One time in particular she just came right out and asked me:

“Do you like looking at my panties or something?”

I really didn’t know how to respond. One part of me was thinking I should say no, but wouldn’t that be offensive? Aren’t guys supposed to enjoy looking at girls in their panties? Wouldn’t I be saying she was ugly if I said no?

“Well?” She stammered.

“Yes,” I said under my breath looking down like a naughty boy that knows he is in trouble.

Without warning she grabbed me by the arm and I was sure we were on our way to our mothers so she could tell them what a dirty pervert I was. My heart raced and I began to quietly plead with her.

“Shut up!” She commanded me while taking me upstairs.

It appeared I wasn’t getting mommy busted since our moms were in her backyard. She took me to her room and closed the door. Her room was the typical princess lair. Ever piece of furniture, every rug, every poster on the wall, all of it was in bright colors. Even her wallpaper was done in bright colors. In a sick and perverted way I felt like I had died and had went to heaven!

Once in her room she pulled the chair from under her desk and pushed me into the cubby hole commanding me to sit there. I did as I was told and she pulled the chair up in front of me. Next she gave me a cross look and made me promise not to tell a single soul about what was about to happen. (I think the statute of limitations has long worn off by now. LOL) I did and she slowly spread her legs. As they parted her skirt rose up her thighs until her panties came into view.

As if choreographed my prick slowly grew as her skirt hiked up on its own. By the time her panties were in full view my cock was rock hard. My heart skipped a beat. She began to rub her thighs in suggestive ways. She came close to rubbing her pussy through her panties, but then moved back down to her knees before working her way back up again.

By now I could feel my precum oozing out into my shorts. My brain was digesting every detail and recording it for playback at a later time.

She closed her legs abruptly and asked if I wanted to see more. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t verbally express my interest so I nodded my head yes. She scooted back and told me to get naked first. My heart skipped a beat yet again. Was she serious? What if one of our moms wondered where we were? What if they came up and found me naked in her room? What if I never got a chance like this again?


I hesitantly began to undress myself. She quipped at me to go faster. I yanked off my shirt, yanked down my pants and then yanked down my underwear. My cock popped out and flopped around. This made her chuckle and she told me how cute it looked.


Next she told me to sit back down in the cubby hole and I did as I was told. She grabbed a tennis racket from her desk and began rubbing it on her thighs and outside of her panties. My cock was drooling all over itself. She told me to grip my cock in my hand and tug on it.

Up until that moment I had only kind of played with myself. Here and there I might hump the arm portion of the couch and didn’t fully understand what I was doing. I had never pulled on my cock and was quite embarrassed to start doing so in front of this girl.

“Now!” She commanded and she put the handle of the tennis racket inside her panties.

Seeing as she was kind of masturbating too I figured it was only polite to do the same. I did as instructed and noticed the precum allowed me to fully stroke my cock. It felt amazing. I began to wonder why I hadn’t tried doing it before. The Lord knows I had plenty enough hardons to spawn the idea up until then.

With her other hand my fully clothed panty tease dominatrix began a make a jerking motion as if to say I needed to go faster, to which I did. She pulled the tennis racket out of her panties and the tip of the hand grip was super wet. When she touched her finger to it a string of juice strung out for about an inch before snapping. I could see a wet spot growing in the gusset of her panties. This made me stroke harder and faster.

After that little show she lifted up off of the chair and sat down on the netting of the racket with the handle facing towards me. It was coated in her pussy juices and I could smell a bit of it. I silently wondered what it tasted like. She began to stroke the racket like I was stroking my cock and somehow it made my dick even harder to see her doing that.

As I pumped my dick feverously she pumped that racket. She made faces as if it felt as good as my dick was feeling. This made me more comfortable about making the natural faces one makes when pleasuring themselves. She reached into her panties and strummed her finger along her pussy slit before taking it out and showing it to me. Next she touched her tongue to it and that string thing happened again. I could tell I was going to do “something” very soon.

Just as I was about to explode there was a knock at the door!

My heart leaped out of my chest. I was completely naked under her desk and dripping with sweat with no time to put my clothes back on. My panty tease girl edged herself into the cubby hole as if sitting at the desk and got out a paper and pencil pretending to write. Her pussy was right in front of my face and she pulled her panties up into it. I didn’t know she had hair down there and it looked nice and cropped.


“Yes?” She asked of the person knocking on the door.

“Is Steven in there with you?” My mom asked as she opened the door to peer in.

“No, he went to Johnny’s house. I thought it would be OK,” she answered her.

“That is alright, but next time can you remember to tell me?” My mom asked her.

“Sure thing,” she answered and the door closed.

“Why aren’t you jerking off you little pervert?” She asked me in a mean tone.

I didn’t have a good answer and began jerking my cock in response. She put her panties back our flat again and reached inside to get some more of her juice. I was anticipating her bringing her finger back up to her mouth, but instead she wiped the juice onto the tip of the still soaked tennis racket.

“Taste it!” She commanded me.

While I was young, dumb and full of cum I did understand that this racket represented a phallic symbol. When I didn’t move forward she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth towards the racket. Not wanting to ruin my teeth I opened my mouth and took about four inches of it into my mouth. Her pussy juice tasted divine.

Before I knew it she placed her foot into my balls and began pushing and pulling my head so that I would suck the tennis racket off. Her foot pressed into my nuts every time I tried to fight back.

“I don’t remember telling you to stop jerking off, panty boy! In fact, I only remember telling you to keep jerking off. Why aren’t you jerking off?” She stammered in increasingly louder tones.

I did as told and started jerking off quicker just so I could get to the end of this whole ordeal. Again there was a knock at the door. My panty mistress grabbed her phone from her desk and put it to her ear pretending to tell somebody on the phone to hold on. Her other hand firmly held my head so I could not get the racket out of my mouth. Her foot pressed into my nuts again prompting me to jerk off, though slower than before so my wet cock wouldn’t make slapping noises.

“Come in,” she told the person knocking on her door.

It was her mom and she wanted to know if she was alright. She gave her the typical teenager response of something like, “What the fuck?” Only without the expletive, but retaining all of the connotation. Her mom defensively stated that she heard her yelling. She told her she was talking about Sally with Jennifer and about how Sally made the cheerleading squad because her mom paid for their uniforms and not because she had any ability like she herself did. Her mom signed and “Oh…,” before closing the door and heading back downstairs.

As soon as the door closed I felt her foot on by balls again and I really pumped my cock hard at that point. She again reached into her panties and produced some juice for me. Her hand on my head loosed up just long enough to wipe her juice onto her racked. This time she told me to close my eyes and lick it off. She wanted a show and I gave it to her. Just then my cock burst and cum spurted all over our legs.

My panty torture girl next door smiled in satisfaction.

“Good, boy,” she lauded. “You are going to be my favorite play thing!”

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Back in high school I was introduced to the perverse fetish that is clothed female naked male by two girls from my senior class. They were both cheerleaders and I was a total nerd that did their homework. One day they invited me over to help with some tutoring, only it was I that was to receive said tutoring.

You could say that these girls were way out of my league. They took pity on me knowing I hadn’t had a sexual experience yet in high school, or any other time for that matter.

Once we got settled in I inquired about the subject they needed help on. They both smiled at each other and then one of them opened up her book to the sex education chapter of her science book. This particular page dealt with ejaculation. They stated that they wanted to see one in real life and they wanted me to be the one to show it to them!

I was flabbergasted. While I had erupted many times while thinking about these two I wasn’t about to do it in front of them. They realized I was embarrassed at the idea of showing them my cock so they suggested it might help if they watched while wearing just their bra and panties. Before I could protest they both stripped out of their cheerleader uniforms faster than you could say, "Oh shit!"

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I gripped my penis and began tugging slowly as if to test the water. They scolded me about not having all day. Eventually one of them would have parents getting home from work so they told me to hurry it up. I began beating my meat like a madman. The girls pulled their panties up into their pussy lips and flashed their nipples here and there as I tugged.

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