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CFNM Plus brings you another steamy episode with a young mate getting face to face with his wife in a surprising and unsuspecting episode! When Jack decided to go over to a famous massage parlour full of sexy babes in leather outfits getting really hot and spicy, he wasn’t expecting to find his wife giving him the service he paid for! I lured the guy in and got him blindfolded to ask him how many ladies he would like to treat him! When he asked for two more, I brought in my girlfriends, and it turned out that Jack’s wife was one of them! SEE the video of the CFNM action get really heated!

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I didn’t know who was more shocked, the guy or the sex dominatrix girl, and let them figure out! Meanwhile she takes things into control and he had the worst tease and denial of his life! We did some face sitting on his head in turn and soon got his dick worked up to a stiffer! Just when he was about to blow, the wife pulled away getting him a ruined orgasm! WATCH the heated CFNM action in this video!

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CFNM Plus brings you one of the wackiest episodes of female domination we have ever seen before! When a guy named Jack went on his lunch break, he was side tracked and decided to check out a massage parlor down the streets that the boys always talked about! As he went inside he found himself face to face with a super sexy dominatrix babe in her tight leather outfit and a whip in her hand. The horny guy was getting his palms sweaty at the thought of fucking a hot babe like this. SEE the video and watch him get taken into cock control in the CFNM encounter!

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Jack gets to chose how many girls he wants in the room and is blindfolded while they strip him off. When suddenly, his wife strolls in and we don’t know who is more shocked and furious! Being the dominating female she is, the wife wins and gets him smacked on the bed by the other two babes! Watch the CFNM action and see the tease and denial he goes through! CLICK HERE to download the video and see the girls work him up until he gets and orgasm denial!