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Whitney Fears and Mia smiles take things into control. The two smoking hot babes do a screening interview and play around with eager boys who would love to tap their sexy twats! See the CFNM Max persuasion and watch the hot babes treat a unknowing fellow named Bo. He struts in not knowing what to do and gets super excited when the girls tell him to strip his clothes! He was psyched at the thought of getting to have sex with two babes like these, looking fine as ever in their tight clothes! CLICK HERE to download the video of the tease and denial he goes through!

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Bo has his cock whipped out and laughed at while the cock control girls excite him and make him think that he will get more! They play around with his dick, and even ride him like a pony, slapping his ass and giggling, getting the poor guy totally embarrassed, before finally taking out some lube and getting to the point! Unfortunately the CFNM girls had other things in mind and Bo had an orgasm denial like never before! See the video and watch the CFNM whores!