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Maggie had it going on and she was doing her thing as good as she was ever going to do it. I found her online when I was checking out She claimed to be 45 years old but wow, she still had a rocking hot body and I was keen to see just how well it was still going.

She didn’t exactly give much away, her profile was short and to the point and that was fine with me. She seemed to be looking for more local sex contacts and I had high hopes of showing her that I could be one of them. I didn’t bother asking her how she was or any of that nonsense, I just told her I wanted casual sex!

It took about an hour and I got a reply, the reply that I had hoped for but never thought I would get. She thanked me for just getting right to the point and also told me she’d be down to take this to the next level. I’m working out the details with her at the moment but things are sure looking good. Isn’t it about time you found a way to meet matures for sex? You sure have that and plenty more!