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Have you ever wondered why otherwise very talented guys often tend bar at night? Well, once you see this video you won’t wonder any more! Chicks are so much worse than guys when they get a few drinks into them. They will latch on to the first available cock. And they are pretty competitive, too. They like to think that they suck cock and fuck better than any of their friends and when they are drunk they will go to any lengths to prove it.

One night the bartender was getting ready to close up and the last group left was three women. As he went over to tell them that the bar was closed he realized that they were having a bit of an arguement. They were arguing about who hand the best hand job skills. He knew if he acted fast he was going to have a great night. He quickly locked the doors and then told the girls that there was only one way to settle the arguement and he was willing to help. He pulled out his dick and the girls just looked at each other and grinned. They couldn’t wait to prove that they were without a doubt the one of them that had the best hand job techniques. Which one do you think it is?

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When these rocker chicks get approached by groupies they like to have some fun with them so when this scrawny young guy came knocking at their change room door they thought this was going to be a hoot. He had a little surprise for them. He said that if he could shoot his cum across the room they each had to give him a personalized autograph. They didn’t believe he could do it so they agreed. Well, once one of them started stroking his dick he started getting bigger and bigger. Before long all the girls were drooling at the size of his dick and they were begging to have a turn at giving him a handjob. Of course, he couldn’t believe his luck and enjoyed every minute of it! And it wasn’t long after that before the jism started to fly! Those girls all were impressed and gave him really special autographs.