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My two girlfriends and I have been having some problems with our teacher Mr. Johnson. This guy thinks he is god and treats girls like pieces of meat that he can just touch and drool over any time he wants! Since he has an all girls class no wonder he gets horny, but doesn’t give him any rights to touch our asses when he walks by! We decided to confront him and take him to the headmaster if he didn’t do as we told! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the guy go through a dominating CFNM encounter!

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We tackle him on his desk and take turns face sitting on his head in turn before having him in cock control! The CFNM action gets him horny and makes his dick hard as we strip him down! The perverted teacher won’t be so pleased once the tease and denial treatment is over with! Tying his hands back, we flash him our butts and tits before going down and sucking off his cock! WATCH the video and see the orgasm denial he gets when he is left naked in the room with a boner!