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Judge Ms. Law is known to run her courtroom a little differently than most. This babe is all about returning the punishment on the one who committed the crime! After Larry was brought in front of the judge with a case of sexual harassment, she ended up watching the video of the case and had a plain solution! The young girl that was involved was brought into the room to get into hot CFNM action! Once he was stripped down the judge told the plaintiff that she was going to be doing the punishing! SEE the video and watch the brunette clothed babe giving him the roughest CFNM encounter!

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After a hard ass slapping, she gets to do some face sitting on top of his head! Pretty soon all the ladies in the room take their turns doing their job on his face, and even the judge gets her share! The CFNM punishment doesn’t end there. He gets the worst case of tease and denial when they work up his cock and make him give himself a forced hand-job right in front of their face! WATCH the video and see the ruined orgasm when everyone leaves him dripping on the stands!