CFNM nurses video with a penis pump

Jake here thought things were a bit strange when all of the nurses at the doctors office seemed to be wearing some very short skirts that let their asses hangout. His suspicions were confirmed once he got on the examination table and the girls wanted him to strip naked. All he has was a cough. Why did he have to be naked for that?

In this CFNM nurse video the girls figured his problem might actually be a built of cum that needed to be expelled. They tried hooking up a penis pump to suck out the venom, as it were, but that didn’t work. Next they tried the manual method of sucking his cock. No matter how hard each of them tried they couldn’t get his balls to release his sperm.

That is when the head nurse realized they were going to have to take drastic action. She called for a show of hands on who would be willing to fuck his thick and meat cock until he shot his load. To her surprise there was no lack of volunteers. Having seniority she decided this was best left to her and jumped on his fat cock.

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