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These hot girls were paying this guy a visit at the hospital. These girls knew the guy, it was a friend’s father however they didn’t want their friend to see what they were going to do to him so they didn’t invite her. They all wanted this guy’s cock and he obviously wanted them to touch his dick. I mean, there are 4 cute girls wearing skimpy clothing, just waiting to help this guy unload all over them.

This CFNM scene is looking hot already. The one blonde grabs his dick and begins to stroke it, getting it nice and hard. The other girls watch in awe as this girls gives him extreme pleasure. With all the focus on him, he’s feeling really good. To have sexy clothed girls jerking him off is just a dream come true. After a bit of this, these girls start taking turns sucking his cock. They want this old man to cum and they will not let him down!

By stroking, sucking and with all the visual stimulation of these four sexy girls looking hot as hell, he’s bound to cum and soon! It took a mere 5 minutes but this guy shot one of the thickest loads in this clothed female naked male scene.

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Clothed Females Jerk Off Nude Male

What would you do if you were the guy in the middle of foursome like this one? The four of them have known each other for about a year now. They are all horny sex fiends that love to play around at any given opportunity. In this particular clothed female naked male scene, the three girls were looking smoking hot in their clothing while the guy sits there, humiliated, getting jerked off. It’s not that this guy didn’t like having his cock handled by a woman, it’s just that he was the only one naked so he didn’t think it was fair.

Anyway, the four of them played around for several hours. Each one of them took turns jerking the guy off before it was time to fuck. To do this the girl slid her panties to one side and began riding his cock right then and there. It was a really hot scene because these bitches look smoking hot wearing the slutty clothes have on. How long do you think you could hold on before busting to the touches, sights and feelings produced by clothed females in this a similar CFNM porn scene? For me, not long!

CFNM Exposed

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You’ve gotta check out this hot scene. Have you ever seen a clothed female fucking a naked male before? The scenes are incredibly hot and you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Three eager girls are putting themselves out there for this guy to enjoy. They all look amazingly hot in this scene with their makeup all nicely done up and hot. They are wearing nice clothes too which makes it enjoyable to see them fuck on camera before your eyes. The one brunette gets on top of a table and begs for this naked male’s cock inside of her. He slides his dick in while the other two fully clothed females watch and enjoy the scene. She loves having a cock slammed deep into her and who wouldn’t want to fuck her. After they fuck for a while, the other two horny girls get involved. They begin kissing, sucking and enjoying this guy’s dick as they get wet and want to be fucked as well. Well it was actually too late to get fucked because this guy was about to jizz all over the place. He pulls out of the one girl’s mouth and shoots a load all over their three faces. Nicely done!

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