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Check out this CFNM encounter when three sexy babes get back from lacrosse practice and find a teacher snooping around in their locker room. Not only is it bad enough that he is found in the girls change-room, he has his face stuffed in a pair of Lisa’s panties sniffing it like a dawg! The girls get into such a tremendous rage at the sight that they start threatening to call the principal. However one of them has a better plan to get him even more humiliated than being caught red handed! SEE the video and watch as they tie him up with a jump rope and get him pushed on the bench!

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If he wants the smell that bad, they will give him the real thing! See as they take turns face sitting on his head, making his cock rise in the process. Although he wasn’t dreaming of this kind of CFNM action, it is the close as he will get to these sexy babes! Watch him get into cock control as the girls give him a forced hand jobs! DOWNLOAD the video and watch what they have in store when he gets a ruined orgasm!