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Today’s CFNM video gallery features three clips from I can’t quite make out what the scenario is for this one, except that it involves three fully clothed women chatting on a sofa who are then joined by a naked man. One of the chicks jacks the guy off with a two-handed action. He is a big guy and the girls comment on the size of his dick. As one chick jerks the guy off, her friends shout encouragement until eventually the guy sprays his jizz onto the floor. You can watch the clips for yourself right now on this link…

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For guys with a CFNM fetish the game of strip poker takes on a different perspective to that of most men. Instead of trying to win (in order to get the girls naked) the CFNM guys are trying to lose as much as possible so they have to strip in front of the girls. The girls in this video thought they were doing pretty good by keeping their clothes on but they didn’t realise the guy was losing on purpose until he was completely naked with a huge boner!


You can watch clips of this hot ┬ávideo now on this link…