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When Greg went to a local bank to cash in a bad check, the sexy teller behind the desk recognized him and his bank check scams and quickly called the manager! Since this fraud could get a guy landing in jail, the young stud pleaded for the hot babes not to call the police and he would do anything in turn! So the sexy females decided to torture him and torment him with some hot CFNM action! CLICK HERE to download the video as the manager gets him stripped down naked and totally embarrassed in front of all to see!

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Pretty soon she gets everyone out of the building and locks the doors to treat Greg in tease and denial! The girls show a little tit and ass, and slowly take turns face sitting on his head and rubbing their naked cunt in his face! At all the excitement he gets a stiffer and the girls take him into cock control! The hold him back while giving him a blow job until he gets on orgasm denial just before he reaches climax! WATCH the video and see the CFNM encounter!