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I hadn’t seen my friend in such a long time that I was starting to worry about him. He usually answers my calls and it is even more unsettling that he isn’t returning my emails. I thought he might be wanting just a little time to himself and if that’s the case I am okay with it.

I can relate more than most that there are times when we just want to be alone. It might be for a day, a week, whatever. You just want to chill out and you certainly don’t want to be hassled for doing it. On the other hand, I did make a visit to my friend’s house and I’m sure glad to see he was okay if anything he looked like he’d been having the time of his life.

It turns out he’d been playing a 3d sex game called Narcosxxx and as it turns out it had been so good he’d lost all track of time. I think he thought it was funny that I made an excuse to leave, he knew full well that I was in a rush to get home so that I could start playing this online sex game as well!