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Julie, Christie, and Michelle are some super sexy ladies who are coworkers at a local firm. The girls usually get together every Friday to chit chat about what went on that week and make plans over the weekend! One day when they got home from work, they noticed that here was someone peeping in through their windows! They burst open the door to find their weird co-worker named Steve looking in to see the girls! These babes got so furious that they decided to punish the guy! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action is on the roll when they pull him inside and rip off all his clothes!

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He has nothing to say as he is shocked and totally humiliated when they start laughing at his small cock! The girls smack his ass and get him into cock control! They give forced hand jobs to make him all nice and hard, and just before he cums, they let go, letting the sperm dribble out of his throbbing dick! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch his ruined orgasm get the CFNM seducers more entertained!