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Judge Ms. Law is known to run her courtroom a little differently than most. This babe is all about returning the punishment on the one who committed the crime! After Larry was brought in front of the judge with a case of sexual harassment, she ended up watching the video of the case and had a plain solution! The young girl that was involved was brought into the room to get into hot CFNM action! Once he was stripped down the judge told the plaintiff that she was going to be doing the punishing! SEE the video and watch the brunette clothed babe giving him the roughest CFNM encounter!

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After a hard ass slapping, she gets to do some face sitting on top of his head! Pretty soon all the ladies in the room take their turns doing their job on his face, and even the judge gets her share! The CFNM punishment doesn’t end there. He gets the worst case of tease and denial when they work up his cock and make him give himself a forced hand-job right in front of their face! WATCH the video and see the ruined orgasm when everyone leaves him dripping on the stands!

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CFNM Plus is packed full of the hottest female dominating videos you have ever seen before! We have the hottest clothed babes getting into cock control after finding guys in really sticky situations! When Steve decides to follow a girl he was hitting on into the bathroom, the pervert got busted peeking at her as she was peeing in the toilet! Two other clubbers came inside and caught him red handed and wanted to teach him a lesson! They were so pissed off that they decided to make him learn his lesson under some hard tease and denial! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the rowdy babes get him totally naked.

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Steve thought he would be having a threesome in the toilet, and decided to go along with the game! Pretty soon his smirk was whipped off his face as the girls beat his ass red and started squeezing his balls. The hot CFNM action involved the most cock torture we have ever seen! See the face sitting, cock stepping, and ruined orgasm like no other! SEE the video now and watch him with his dripping cock left cold, when the girls leave in the middle of the hand-job!

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Check out this CFNM encounter when three sexy babes get back from lacrosse practice and find a teacher snooping around in their locker room. Not only is it bad enough that he is found in the girls change-room, he has his face stuffed in a pair of Lisa’s panties sniffing it like a dawg! The girls get into such a tremendous rage at the sight that they start threatening to call the principal. However one of them has a better plan to get him even more humiliated than being caught red handed! SEE the video and watch as they tie him up with a jump rope and get him pushed on the bench!

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If he wants the smell that bad, they will give him the real thing! See as they take turns face sitting on his head, making his cock rise in the process. Although he wasn’t dreaming of this kind of CFNM action, it is the close as he will get to these sexy babes! Watch him get into cock control as the girls give him a forced hand jobs! DOWNLOAD the video and watch what they have in store when he gets a ruined orgasm!

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Julie, Christie, and Michelle are some super sexy ladies who are coworkers at a local firm. The girls usually get together every Friday to chit chat about what went on that week and make plans over the weekend! One day when they got home from work, they noticed that here was someone peeping in through their windows! They burst open the door to find their weird co-worker named Steve looking in to see the girls! These babes got so furious that they decided to punish the guy! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action is on the roll when they pull him inside and rip off all his clothes!

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He has nothing to say as he is shocked and totally humiliated when they start laughing at his small cock! The girls smack his ass and get him into cock control! They give forced hand jobs to make him all nice and hard, and just before he cums, they let go, letting the sperm dribble out of his throbbing dick! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch his ruined orgasm get the CFNM seducers more entertained!

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Carrie has gone through a nasty break up and has recently started dating again. Since her friends are so worried about the young babe they decide to make her new boy take a test and get into some hot CFNM action. Her last guy treated her really badly and these dominating females want to teach this guy a lesson and show him who is boss before he could ever get controlling over their friend! WATCH the video and see what happens when the hot stud named Dave enters the room with the three girls waiting!

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They ask him a bunch of questions and see how far he would go to be the man for Carrie! After asking him to strip down he removes his clothes reluctantly and has his nice huge cock getting hard right in front of their faces! The guy gets totally embarrassed from the CFNM encounter and has to give himself a forced hand-job if he wants a date! Pretty soon the sexy brunette babe rubs on his shaft, but he is so nervous he has troubles with his ruined orgasm! SEE the video and enjoy!.

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Being a hair dresser has its peaks. You get to work with some really sexy babes and feel their hair and look down their shirt! However when Paul had a sexy client in his chair he decided to go a little too far. After starting off by gently massaging her neck, they naughty boy started sliding down his hands to grope her nice large tits! When his boss walked through the door she started screaming at him, and almost fired the guy! The young client was so nervous and uncomfortable that she wanted to report him for sexual harassment! SEE the video and watch the CFNM encounter this guy goes through when he gets himself in the wrong hands!

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His boss decides there are better ways to teach him a lesson than to report him, and wants to get him totally embarrassed. When the three girls take him into cock control, this hair stylist doesn’t know what hit him! Watch the face sitting he endures, followed by orgasm denial once these girls jerk him up to a peeking point and then let go of his dick! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM action!