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They think its disgusting to assume such things, and teach him a lesson or two about these kinds of bad thoughts! They get him into cock control and start sitting on his face! See the tease and denial torture begin as they make him get what he has come for, just without a happy end! The sexy CFNM girls suck him off until he almost explodes! DOWNLOAD the video and see them let got of his shaft getting him to trickle out sperm in the ruined orgasm!

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My two girlfriends and I have been having some problems with our teacher Mr. Johnson. This guy thinks he is god and treats girls like pieces of meat that he can just touch and drool over any time he wants! Since he has an all girls class no wonder he gets horny, but doesn’t give him any rights to touch our asses when he walks by! We decided to confront him and take him to the headmaster if he didn’t do as we told! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the guy go through a dominating CFNM encounter!

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We tackle him on his desk and take turns face sitting on his head in turn before having him in cock control! The CFNM action gets him horny and makes his dick hard as we strip him down! The perverted teacher won’t be so pleased once the tease and denial treatment is over with! Tying his hands back, we flash him our butts and tits before going down and sucking off his cock! WATCH the video and see the orgasm denial he gets when he is left naked in the room with a boner!

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You can look but you can’t touch! Haven’t you heard that one before? Well these dominating females really mean it! When three sexy babes from an all girls school decide to teach their professor once and for all that his flirting has gone too far, they get him into a massive CFNM encounter! He has been staring down their shirts and feeling up their asses during class which was not proper, and the girls wanted to call the headmaster to fix the problem! After he begged not to go that far, the sexy babes decided that there was another thing they could do! Payback! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action as the girls give him the most tempting tease and denial!

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The hold him down on the desk as they take turns sitting on his face and pull his pants off to laugh at his cock! He’s even got a hilarious tattoo and the clothed babes go on to take him into cock control! Pretty soon they work up his dick with their hands and lips, leaving him on the spot when he is about to explode! SEE the video and watch the CFNM teasing and his ruined orgasm!

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If you like to watch the hottest babes punishing a wrong doer with their tease and denial, than check out this steamy episode at CFNM Plus! Kristen has been com planing to her managers about her coworker sexually harassing her at work, and finally had a hidden camera installed to catch him in the act! Surely, the next day they caught the nasty office worker going over and massaging her breasts even when she pulled away! After busting in on him, the girls took him into cock control! WATCH the video and see the hot CFNM action they perform on his cock!

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One day I was working in the afternoon shift at the bank and had a young guy bring in a bad check! When I checked it out and saw that it was a fraud, I noticed he was getting nervous and his palms started to sweat! The young guy thought he could fool a girl, so I decided to call the bank manager to make sure that I was right! The little scamming idiot almost got put in jail for his degrading thoughts that he could get away with fooling a girl! DOWNLOAD the video and watch the guy get a hot CFNM treatment!

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Instead of calling the cops my bank manager said there were a lot whose ways to make this guy suffer! She locked the doors and we started stripping him off! It was time to teach this guy a lesson and make him learn that girls aren’t as dumb as they think we are! The cock control was on and we took turns riding our pussies on his face! He got so excited by the face-sitting it was not long before he had a ruined orgasm! SEE the video and watch the CFNM encounter!

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When Greg went to a local bank to cash in a bad check, the sexy teller behind the desk recognized him and his bank check scams and quickly called the manager! Since this fraud could get a guy landing in jail, the young stud pleaded for the hot babes not to call the police and he would do anything in turn! So the sexy females decided to torture him and torment him with some hot CFNM action! CLICK HERE to download the video as the manager gets him stripped down naked and totally embarrassed in front of all to see!

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CFNM Plus brings you another steamy episode with a young mate getting face to face with his wife in a surprising and unsuspecting episode! When Jack decided to go over to a famous massage parlour full of sexy babes in leather outfits getting really hot and spicy, he wasn’t expecting to find his wife giving him the service he paid for! I lured the guy in and got him blindfolded to ask him how many ladies he would like to treat him! When he asked for two more, I brought in my girlfriends, and it turned out that Jack’s wife was one of them! SEE the video of the CFNM action get really heated!

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I didn’t know who was more shocked, the guy or the sex dominatrix girl, and let them figure out! Meanwhile she takes things into control and he had the worst tease and denial of his life! We did some face sitting on his head in turn and soon got his dick worked up to a stiffer! Just when he was about to blow, the wife pulled away getting him a ruined orgasm! WATCH the heated CFNM action in this video!