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When Caitlyn, Feline, and Karma got together to have a live experiment, they needed a hot boy to join them in their naughty game! The girls wanted to have a contest to see who could get a dick to cum in 30 seconds of jerking it off. The young CFNM girls took the willing stud and stripped him down naked to start giggling at his cock! He couldn’t get really aroused at the laughing girls, but managed to get a boner at the thought of having a chance to stuff his dick into their tight teen patches! DOWNLOAD the video and watch the girls take him into cock control!

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They are ready with their stopper watch when the first girl lubes him up and starts jerking hard while laughing at his bright pink mushroom cap! She just can’t seem to focus at the pathetic guy who would get himself into things like this! The CFNM tempting continued while all girls groped his shaft, until he finally figured out the tease and denial behind the scam! SEE the video and watch the forced hand job given to the poor bloke who thought he would get more!