It is a strange calling, but a calling nonetheless. It seems 99% of guys out there have masturbated about getting taken advantage of by more than one hot girl. Some of us have actually had the experience while most of us just dream about it. Either way this video from Pure CFNM will speak to you.

I was a horny little lad early on. The older girls on my street thought they were taking advantage of me when they had me masturbate for them. They had no idea I had been fantasizing about performing for them for weeks before it finally happened. They also had no idea that I had set the whole thing up.

After that encounter there were many more with the girls in groups and one on one. Ever since then I have been hooked on getting humiliated by clothed girls. I love to masturbate for them. The funny thing is there are a remarkable number of girls out there that haven’t seen a guy jerkoff. Ever!

With the weekly updates and years worth of videos in the member area I have to say that Pure CFNM is a great deal. The owner really understands all of the facets of the CFNM niche!

I haven’t put up something this good in a while so I decided I would triple dip this one. There are three videos in all so make sure you keep watching until the cum starts blowing.

Like most guys into CFNM videos I was "attacked" by several girls during a sleepover party for my sister. I was spying on the girls from behind a couch as they were playing a board game. Dressed in panties and nightgowns I occasionally got a glimpse of their panties.

What I didn’t know is that one of the girls had left the room to use the potty before I set up behind the couch to spy on them. When she returned she saw me with my hand in my underwear playing with my pecker and let out a big laugh catching the attention of her friends.

To say that I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I was deathly afraid that my sister would tell our parents and I stated that I would do anything to avoid that. They grouped up and talked about my predicament before bursting into giggles. Their decision was that I would have to show them what I was doing!

My heart sank and my face went red. What if they told people at school? I didn’t want to do it, but they began to threaten me with the very things I feared most.

At first they laughed and giggled as I beat myself off. It was very humiliating. Then after about a minute or so one of them seem to take pity on me and she spread her legs while hiking up her nightgown so I could see her panties. I began to stroke harder and faster. The other girls seemed to like this and they all, except for my sister, parted their legs as well.

Suddenly something that started out so humiliating became something gratifying. When it came time for me to cum I stated my need to do so and one of the girls took off her panties. Then she laid them over her hands so I could shoot my load onto them. The girls were as shocked as I was when I finally stopped cumming. I had never cummed that much in my life. I was beginning to get scared as it kept shooting and oozing out!

After my show the girls quickly retreated to my sister’s room with the cum filled panties to do God knows what with them. After that show the girls regularly asked for more each and every time my parents were away. Over time they wanted to stroke me off. Eventually they would want to fuck me. My sister and I never fucked though. The girls did force us to lick each other once though. Just to try it. But we never did it alone.

Pure CFNM updates twice a week. You won’t find this content anywhere else. The scenes depict a lot of what most CFNM fans would have dreamt about or have lived in the past. This is truly a diamond in the rough!



This bloke was caught using his favorite gadget from the ToyOrgasmic sex toy company. He had been using it secretly for a few months and really enjoyed how much it felt like a real pussy. He also had been enjoying how easy it is to clean his new male sex toy. The only thing he was unsure about was how he would hide the thing if anybody ever walked in on him using it.

CFNM hijinks ensued when he finally got caught by his housemates after uttering one of their names a bit too loudly. She wondered if he was sick and needed her help. He was sick alright. Sick with embarrassment when she signaled the other ladies to come join her in watching him use his naughty toy.

The ladies barged in the room completely catching their victim off guard. They were intrigued by the sex toy he was using. Did it really feel like a woman’s vagina? One of them inserted her fingers and was surprised to find out it really did feel just like the inside, and outside, of a woman’s private parts.

Another of the ladies picked up the instructions calling out the name and origin of this new toy, Fleshlight Singapore. They all giggled about him being a big shot import/export man now. Even he thought it was worth a chuckle. Bad move. Clothed females don’t like it when their naked males laugh.

They switched on his Fleshlight and began beating him with it. On his man meat. He went from having a good chuckle to forgetting where he was real quick. All he could think about was how great it was to have the object of his affections using a Fleshlight on his cock. It was like she was really fucking him!


I have always had a fondness for the game Truth or Dare. Between that game and spin the bottle I think I ended up banging more girls in high school than I could ever hope to later in life!

The best way to "win" at Truth or Dare is to lose. Let the girls think they are getting one on you. If you have to get naked while they aren’t, no big deal! It just means you are about to play out your CFNM fantasy in real life and the girls are none-the-wiser!

At Pure CFNM they update weekly with new CFNM porn. Each update has CFNM pictures and a CFNM video. The videos will blow your mind. I can’t think of a sexier site!

Perhaps the biggest reason to join Pure CFNM is they don’t use porn stars. These are real girls you have a chance with. They probably look like girls you played Truth or Dare with at some point in life!

Take the Pure CFNM tour and I am sure you will fall in love with the site. I dare you!

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You have probably heard of a step-monster before. She is a woman that comes in and takes over all aspects of her step-children’s lives when she puts her hooks into daddy. Well, when the step-monster has a daughter that girl usually has one hell of a mean streak and that is exactly the kind of girl Paige is!

She wasn’t getting everything she wanted from her new step-daddy so she decided to take things into her own hands… literally! Paige and her friends drugged her step-dad and then broke out the video camera and filmed themselves playing with his little cock.


Even though he was drugged his member began to grow and the girls wanted to know if he could cum while sleeping too. After each of them took a turn jerking his sleepy cock he shot his load all over his tummy.


None of the girls had seen real cum up close before and they all couldn’t resist having a little taste of his man-goo. Once his cock juice was spent the girls were again amazed by how it shrank back down to a little noodle again. They wondered if he would even know he had cum when he woke up?!?!


The reality of it is, he will most certainly know he came if he ever turns his step-daughter’s request down again. She wouldn’t hesitate to take her new video to her mommy to blackmail that dirty old man!

Pure CFNM has realistic videos and photo galleries depicted all of the naughty and depraved shit perverted minds think of when they are idle for too long. There are voyeur videos, femdom videos, exhibition videos and much, much more. Take the tour and be amazed!

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Have you ever wondered why otherwise very talented guys often tend bar at night? Well, once you see this video you won’t wonder any more! Chicks are so much worse than guys when they get a few drinks into them. They will latch on to the first available cock. And they are pretty competitive, too. They like to think that they suck cock and fuck better than any of their friends and when they are drunk they will go to any lengths to prove it.

One night the bartender was getting ready to close up and the last group left was three women. As he went over to tell them that the bar was closed he realized that they were having a bit of an arguement. They were arguing about who hand the best hand job skills. He knew if he acted fast he was going to have a great night. He quickly locked the doors and then told the girls that there was only one way to settle the arguement and he was willing to help. He pulled out his dick and the girls just looked at each other and grinned. They couldn’t wait to prove that they were without a doubt the one of them that had the best hand job techniques. Which one do you think it is?

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Tai Chi is all about concentration and meditation! When an instructor begins his class he gets the students breathing deeply and asking questions about the ancient art of practicing tai chi! After he tells them that in the olden days the men got naked and did the ritual before going off hunting, the girls were eager to see how it was done! Since he was such a strong mental leader, he didn’t refuse and stripped down to show them how its done. He even got the male student in his class to do the same and that’s where the CFNM encounter began! DOWNLOAD the video and watch the girls gang up on the two guys and get them into cock control!


While stretching one way, the male student gets his dick grabbed, making him have an erection in seconds! Pretty soon all the clothed ladies swarm around the instructor and start working up his cock! The tease and denial continues when they make them masturbate in front of all to see and give themselves forced hand jobs! SEE the CFNM action and watch the boys get some ruined orgasms trickling down their shaft!