When the pipes under the sink start to leak the best solution to the problem is to call a plumber and that is just what Sally did. Her daughter Evey and her daughter’s friend Sarah Jane can’t keep their eyes off of him. They thought plumbers were supposed to be fat old men showing too much ass crack, but this guy was hunky!


Being the sort of girl to always get her way Evey decided to toy with their hunky helper by standing over him and acting like she was just using the sink. Their plumber got an eyeful of her kinky panties.


He had heard of this sort of thing from the older plumbers with years on the job and he assumed they were just old men telling stories. Little did he know this sort of thing goes on worldwide every day of the week!


Mike was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the pipes under the sink as his own pipe started bulging inside his pants.


Sally returned to see how things were coming along and noticed the rather large bulge in Mike’s pants. Evey had never had sex with a man yet and Sally got an idea in her head to help fix that. She decided it was time for some CFNM sex. Mike would be naked, but she and her daughter would be fully clothed. Nothing wrong with that right? It was just like being in a strip club.


The girls grabbed Mike by his legs and pulled him out from under the sink. Then they pulled off his pants as the girls gasped and giggled, pointing at his cock. While Sarah Jane had some experience with boys, Evey was all new and mommy was about to give her a lesson on making a man cum.


The girls eagerly began to play with his cock. Sometimes they were nice with it and other times they did childish stuff like flick his cock head or scrape it with their finger nails.


Sally decided to channel their enthusiasm into a game. Who ever was stroking his cock when he came won. Both of the girls tried much harder to make their attention more soothing to his cock, and more likely to make him cum.


From time to time Sally got into the act showing them some of the techniques she had picked up throughout the years. Mike couldn’t believe it, but he actually enjoyed having this blonde older lady work his cock more than he enjoyed the younger ones!


Soon it was all hands on deck as each girl wanted to be in possession of the plumbers main pipe when he erupted.



And erupt he did!

Mikes cum wad splattered all over their hands leaving Evey in a state of utter amazement. She couldn’t believe how much cum fit inside his balls!

With mommies permission she lifted a hand to her mouth to taste his salty spunk. She thought it was pretty good and even licked some off of Sarah Jane’s fingers too!

Pure CFNM updates weekly and each episode is worthy of being a classic. They delve into all of the naughty thoughts we have as boys, young men and older gents. No stone is left unturned and no balls are left to turn blue!

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By far my most favorite CFNM site is Pure CFNM. Why? This guy gets the niche better than anyone else I have encountered. He doesn’t make cookie cutter porn. He creates a true gem every time he fires up the video camera and invites some girls over to tease his cock into submission!

The CFNM porn niche is all about guys getting caught in some particularly sexy situations like spying on a sister and her friends in the shower or, God forbid, getting caught masturbating into his sisters panties and getting caught by her and her sleepover guests!

You simply won’t find a better site for this niche!


I have always had a fondness for the game Truth or Dare. Between that game and spin the bottle I think I ended up banging more girls in high school than I could ever hope to later in life!

The best way to "win" at Truth or Dare is to lose. Let the girls think they are getting one on you. If you have to get naked while they aren’t, no big deal! It just means you are about to play out your CFNM fantasy in real life and the girls are none-the-wiser!

At Pure CFNM they update weekly with new CFNM porn. Each update has CFNM pictures and a CFNM video. The videos will blow your mind. I can’t think of a sexier site!

Perhaps the biggest reason to join Pure CFNM is they don’t use porn stars. These are real girls you have a chance with. They probably look like girls you played Truth or Dare with at some point in life!

Take the Pure CFNM tour and I am sure you will fall in love with the site. I dare you!

Any guy that ever grew up has fantasized about having a girl tell him what to do at least once or twice. Thoughts like these usually start with something like, "Yeah, well, I’d let her tell me a thing or two if she’d wear that outfit for me!" At Pure CFNM these sorts of things aren’t just fantasized about, they come true right before your very eyes!

In this episode some very lovely ladies decided to torment this guy by making him strip and show them how he jacks off. Not content with just watching him touch himself the ladies take matters into their own hands… so to speak!

Ever received a handjob from four babes at the same time? Yeah, well, neither have I, but if I were in his position I’d let them tell me what to do!

Pure CFNM is an entire site built on bringing your wildest fantasies to life. Ever looked in the next door neighbor’s window and spied on his wife or his daughter? Bullshit, bro, we all did! This site takes things to the next step… Getting caught by a female that is more than willing to take things further than they ever went before!

Clothed females and naked males engage in some of the hottest fantasies ever made up. I can’t tell you how fucking awesome this site is. You will just have to check it out! Get your own PureCFNM.com password!

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You have probably heard of a step-monster before. She is a woman that comes in and takes over all aspects of her step-children’s lives when she puts her hooks into daddy. Well, when the step-monster has a daughter that girl usually has one hell of a mean streak and that is exactly the kind of girl Paige is!

She wasn’t getting everything she wanted from her new step-daddy so she decided to take things into her own hands… literally! Paige and her friends drugged her step-dad and then broke out the video camera and filmed themselves playing with his little cock.


Even though he was drugged his member began to grow and the girls wanted to know if he could cum while sleeping too. After each of them took a turn jerking his sleepy cock he shot his load all over his tummy.


None of the girls had seen real cum up close before and they all couldn’t resist having a little taste of his man-goo. Once his cock juice was spent the girls were again amazed by how it shrank back down to a little noodle again. They wondered if he would even know he had cum when he woke up?!?!


The reality of it is, he will most certainly know he came if he ever turns his step-daughter’s request down again. She wouldn’t hesitate to take her new video to her mommy to blackmail that dirty old man!

Pure CFNM has realistic videos and photo galleries depicted all of the naughty and depraved shit perverted minds think of when they are idle for too long. There are voyeur videos, femdom videos, exhibition videos and much, much more. Take the tour and be amazed!

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Two couples have gotten together for a celebration dinner after their boys got promoted at their company! Things are rolling like they are supposed to when suddenly two sexy robber chicks barge through the door and demand their stuffed wallets! The guys are reluctant to give their cash and jewelry over to the demanding babes and even get forced to strip down naked at gunpoint! The sexy robbers in their tight leather outfits don’t leave the girls out of the fun, and order them to take their clothes off just keep on some panties and bras! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action take full heat when the cock control begins!

Pure CFNM Gallery

The girls are forced to swap partners to see who can work up the shaft to squirt faster! Whoever wins gets to keep their wallet and let the forced hand job begin! Don’t miss this CFNM seduction and see the timid babes work their hands and start jacking off their man’s coworker! They keep glancing at their own guy and watch as the other babe works him up to cum! SEE the video and watch the ruined orgasm, when they get nothing else but cum all over themselves and left to argue!

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See the CFNM seduction when Sister Stacey conducts a class to observe the male anatomy! After the girls get all giggly about the sexual parts of the guys, the nun is quickly called away to the Mother Superior’s office and leaves the school girls alone! When the babes check out the diagrams, an unexpected delivery boy steps in the room with a box of frogs ready for dissection! See the rowdy young girls pull him on their table and politely ask to check out his penis! Before he can answer Jody gets his pants pulled off and the five girls attacking his cock! WATCH the video and see the tease and denial that takes place in the room!

Pure CFNM Gallery

The naughty babes start probing his penis and pull down his skin to observe his bulging mushroom cap! Pretty soon they take turns giving him a nice tug job and get him to have a forced hand job demo to see how its done! See the ruined orgasm when Sister Stacey catches the CFNM encounter in full blow, and gives him an orgasm denial before throwing him out of the class! CLICK HERE to watch the video now!

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Mike has been quite mouthy lately, talking all in high pitch voice to his flatmates Kyla and Sarah like the male chauvinist pig he is! The girls get so pissed off at his idea of a woman, that they decide to once and for all teach him a lesson! Watch Pure CFNM and see the rowdy clothed females drug him and tie him up to a railing totally naked! They take scissors and cut off his boxers to reveal his small shriveled up cock! Watch the cock control this guy goes under after he mouthed off about girls being only good for cleaning and fucking! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the tease and denial begin!


Once the raging babes start smacking his cock back and forth till he wakes up, Mike finds himself in a really situation! He has his small package laughed at and taunted when the dominating girls demand him to masturbate now in front of them to watch! The naked guy gives himself a forced handjob and is left hanging with a ruined orgasm once the cleaning lady comes in to dust him off! See the video and enjoy!

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Have you ever been robbed by strippers? Well these three unlucky boys sure did! Check out this steamy Pure CFNM episode and watch what happens when these guys decide to have a nice chilling night in and call over some entertainment! When the girls pull out their guns and demand the guys to strip down naked and throw over their wallets and clothes, they are reluctant to do as they’re told! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM encounter and watch them get totally naked!

Pure CFNM Gallery

The rowdy strippers demand to see them jerk off and start recording their actions on tape to make sure they don’t go to the police! Pretty soon they even have the girls coming close giving him a tease and denial by pretending to suck their cock for the film! If they go to the police the babes will send the tapes to their wives so this was a way to ensure they would behave! WATCH the CFNM action and see the guys get themselves into the most brutal cock control!

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Check out the hottest Pure CFNM episode with a peepin’ Tom named Johnny! This guy loves spying on the girls next door and he watches Jamie get undressed and put on makeup through a crack in the door. When Laura comes up behind him and catches him in the act, the two girlfriends get so furious the decide to punish the guy and teach him a thing or two about manners! See the CFNM seduction once the demand that he strips off his clothes and gets naked for the girls to laugh at his cock! The cock control is on and they start groping his large rod! WATCH the video and see the tease and denial as the first touch his shaft and then get him to masturbate in front of the rowdy clothed babes!


Johnny gives himself a forced hand job and does what he is told, making sure they don’t get any angrier with him! The hot CFNM action carries on until he finally burst his load over his head on the bathroom floor! SEE the CFNM smothering as this boy gets degraded!