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When a young foreign student rents out a room in a house full of rowdy ladies, than he can’t be surprised if they have really weird traditions of welcoming new faces! Julien is a French boy who doesn’t speak English really well, so when Ashleigh gets him to strip off to show he has nothing to hide for her mom and friend, he is reluctant to do as she says or he will have no place to spend the night! Watch the CFNM encounter when the embarrassed boy pulls off his pants and stops at his boxers! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch him get totally stripped naked!

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Ashleigh’s friend rips down his boxers and instead of giggling all the girls are amazed at the size of his cock. Pretty soon Julien gets himself into cock control when the girls start handling his package! The demanding babes make him give himself a forced handjob right in front of their faces, and kneels down to let them enjoy the show! WATCH the video and see the CFNM seduction result in tease and denial before finally letting him erupt his load!.

If you want to see the hottest Pure CFNM seduction, than don’t miss this steamy episode in the shower! Andy loves stroking his cock under the water and starts masturbating while he has an unknown peeper staring at his huge cock! Jamie and Laura are two rowdy babes who are watching him through a bathroom window! The two girls decide to take a closer look and go inside to persuade him to jerk off in front of them! SEE the video and watch the CFNM encounter once the shocked and embarrassed Andy starts giving himself a forced hand job!

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Pretty soon the older Laura takes things into her own hands and gets him into cock control! She shows her young friend how to treat a man’s dick and works it hard with her hands! The tease and denial only gets better when both girls have their turns tugging and leave the shaken up guy standing and bedazzled in the tub with his cock ready to explode! Watch his orgasm denial when he gets stood up and has the girls leave on him just before he cums! CLICK HERE to download the video and enjoy!

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The naughty little babe named Jamie has been spying on her next door neighbor for a long while! When she tells her friend Kyla about his massive cock the two girls can’t wait to sneak over to his house and climb into his closet for a close view! See this steamy episode at Pure CFNM and watch the rowdy babes get caught red handed by Mr. Edwards when he gets home! After some moaning in the closet the half naked guy finds the naughty girls giggling in his closet. WATCH the video and see the CFNM encounter as he is lured into the bed by the two little babes!


They get him stripped off, which he first thinks is a little weird, but then starts to enjoy as they fondle and caress his large dick! The girls demand he masturbates for them and he gets down and gives himself a forced handjob! See the cock control he gets himself into and squirts cum all over his chest! The girls leave, and he has his wife finding him on the bed naked with his ruined orgasm fantasy rudely disturbed! SEE the video and enjoy the CFNM action!

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Ashleigh is a young babe who loves to have her first sexual experiments. When she and her sister got a new french boy to stay with them for a couple of months as an exchange student, she used the chance and worked up his cock! Ashleigh told her sister Laura all about Julien’s cock who then told their mom who was eager to see! She got the boy downstairs and demanded him to pull down his pants! WATCH the video and see the CFNM action as the hardly speaking student gets embarrassed and troubled and doesn’t know what to do!


The cock control is on and the mom takes things into her own hands! She pulls his pants down and has his huge shaft revealed! Watch as Laura and her mom check out his cock and even get a feel of the thick thrusting shaft! Before long the French boy is given a forced hand job and has a ruined orgasm while the middle age woman watches! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM encounter and watch him cum for the mom!

See this accidental encounter at Pure CFNM and watch what happens when a guy gets his towel pulled off unexpectedly after getting out of the shower! Myla needed to go to the bathroom really badly, and when Simon finally came out, she caught the end of his towel and pulled it inside! The naked boy was left totally horrified infront of Belle who just stared and started laughing out loud! He was so embarrassed that he went into his room with his face completely red! WATCH the video and see what happens when the CFNM encounter begins!

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The girls go to his room to apologize for laughing and wanting to get a second look at his dick! The tease and denial begins when he thinks he is going to fuck them hard, but has to play with himself for them! See the forced hand job as the rowdy babes make him masturbate while they watch! Simon can’t seem to focus and loses control each time he reaches his peak! DOWNLOAD the video and see him have a trickling ruined orgasm when the CFNM action is finally over!

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If you want to see some dirty CFNM action, than watch this steamy episode with a mom teaching her boy a lesson! When Elliot had an orgasm during breakfast in front of his mom and sister, she grabbed her son and pulled him into the living room to teach him about proper behavior around girls! She was so furious that she didn’t know what to do with the boy and got him to strip down to make him feel what it was like to have his cock stared at! The boy was ordered to give himself a forced hand job to get his dick hard again! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch her friend come along to help with the CFNM action!

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Ola is shocked when she sees him in front of his mom with his penis in hand. After letting her know about the cock control situation, the ladies get him in their laps and start smacking his ass beet red! WATCH the video and see as he gets even harder at the sensation, only to have a CFNM ruined orgasm in the end!

Pure CFNM brings you another hot and horny episode of female domination over a young naked male, when four girls get together for a slumber party! See Myla, Belle, Tia and Katie get together and start gossiping about all the girly things that they usually do! After a while the subject turns to boys and one of the girls asks Myla whether its true that her brother Johnny has a huge cock! The young sister gets disgusted at the thought of his dick and is totally shocked when she hears him come home! DOWNLOAD the video and watch the CFNM party begin when the studs joins the girls in their room!

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Pretty soon two chicks pull off his shorts to reveal his huge serpent and Myla gets totally disgusted and leaves the room. The guy gets into cock control as the horny babes start working up his dick with their eager hands! See the CFNM encounter and watch them tease him until he is almost at his peak point! The babes make him masturbate in front of them as he gives himself a forced handjob and makes himself blow! WATCH the video and enjoy!

When Samantha Richards was asked to do an interview on Jenny’s talk show live on TV about her new book, she had a little surprise for the studio! She just published the book ” Cock on a leash”, which is all about dominating women controlling men through their penises! When all the sexy babes in the studio want to hear about the dirty book, she finally pulls out her surprise and gets a male model to join them in the studio! CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the CFNM encounter right in front of thousands of viewers!

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Samantha starts explaining her book while getting him to take off his robe and she starts fondling his balls and rubbing his bugling shaft! The tease and denial only gets interesting once the rowdy babe demands for him to masturbate for all! Watch the forced hand-job he gives himself as the hot CFNM action goes on! Everyone is amazed at the power she has over the humiliated guy, who just shuts his eyes to pretend he was someplace else! SEE the video and watch him have his ruined orgasm on stage!

Elliot is a local delivery boy who seems to stop at the wrong house. When he delivers a package to two sexy girls named Belle and Katie, the girls get more interesting in his package than the one in his hands! Watch the rowdy babes pull him inside and take his cock into control! They lure him to strip down naked and show off his nice meat size! The CFNM encounter gets hotter by the second as they get him to masturbate while they watch! SEE the video and look at the tease and denial that the make him go through as he jerks off to squirt on his own delivery piece of paper!

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The clothed babes get so horny they start caressing and touching his body and cock! Watch the ruined orgasm he gets when they tease him just until the point of climax, and then get up to leave the room, having the humiliated guy naked in the living room with his dick in his hands! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM smothering where the girls get this guy degraded!

If you like to watch a Clothed Female Nude Male encounter than you don’t want to miss out on this episode at Pure CFNM! When Tia and Katie invite their friend Harry over to watch a movie, he gets really aroused by one of the hot babes in the scenes and quickly covers his groin with a pillow. When Tia sees, she decides to take things into her own hands, literally, and slips her hands down to fondle his package! SEE the video of the CFNM seduction as she gets him worked up and standing hard!

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Pretty soon she lifts off the pillows to show Katie whats going on! The girls take him into cock control and persuade him to take off his clothes! They get him into the most tease and denial he has ever experienced, refusing to strip down themselves as they touch and stroke his shaft! Although he thinks he is going to fuck the girls, he gets a ruined orgasm, when he has to finish off the jerking himself! WATCH the forced hand-job he gives himself in the CFNM action!