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Girls always act coy when it comes to sex. In reality they want to be aggressive with sex and they want to see you jerk off. They just don’t know how to ask and they don’t want to be labeled a slut.

Explore what is really going on in girls heads with Pure CFNM. The site has a huge selection of videos from lots of different CFNM categories like being caught by your sister and her friends, or stuff like getting caught wanking off into the panties of your girlfriend’s mom. These videos allow you to explore some pretty kinky stuff!

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Enjoy some CFNM photos and CFNM videos from the hottest clothed female naked male site on the net, In this video we find Chloe and two more girls having some CFNM fun for their first time. Chloe can’t believe how much fun she is having jerking a perfect stranger off. When his cum erupts she gasps.

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I haven’t put up something this good in a while so I decided I would triple dip this one. There are three videos in all so make sure you keep watching until the cum starts blowing.

Like most guys into CFNM videos I was "attacked" by several girls during a sleepover party for my sister. I was spying on the girls from behind a couch as they were playing a board game. Dressed in panties and nightgowns I occasionally got a glimpse of their panties.

What I didn’t know is that one of the girls had left the room to use the potty before I set up behind the couch to spy on them. When she returned she saw me with my hand in my underwear playing with my pecker and let out a big laugh catching the attention of her friends.

To say that I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I was deathly afraid that my sister would tell our parents and I stated that I would do anything to avoid that. They grouped up and talked about my predicament before bursting into giggles. Their decision was that I would have to show them what I was doing!

My heart sank and my face went red. What if they told people at school? I didn’t want to do it, but they began to threaten me with the very things I feared most.

At first they laughed and giggled as I beat myself off. It was very humiliating. Then after about a minute or so one of them seem to take pity on me and she spread her legs while hiking up her nightgown so I could see her panties. I began to stroke harder and faster. The other girls seemed to like this and they all, except for my sister, parted their legs as well.

Suddenly something that started out so humiliating became something gratifying. When it came time for me to cum I stated my need to do so and one of the girls took off her panties. Then she laid them over her hands so I could shoot my load onto them. The girls were as shocked as I was when I finally stopped cumming. I had never cummed that much in my life. I was beginning to get scared as it kept shooting and oozing out!

After my show the girls quickly retreated to my sister’s room with the cum filled panties to do God knows what with them. After that show the girls regularly asked for more each and every time my parents were away. Over time they wanted to stroke me off. Eventually they would want to fuck me. My sister and I never fucked though. The girls did force us to lick each other once though. Just to try it. But we never did it alone.

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You see them all of the time during college football games. Guys get dressed up in some ridiculous outfit and bounce around like a pinball acting the fool. Have you ever asked yourself why guys would volunteer for such a thing? What is the upside to acting like a dork in front of 10,000 screaming fans?

Well, once the game is over there is a lot of pent up excitement up and down the field. If a mascot plays his cards right he can translate that hysteria into an up and down motion on his cock. Cheerleaders find the boys in clown suits irresistible!

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I have always had a fondness for the game Truth or Dare. Between that game and spin the bottle I think I ended up banging more girls in high school than I could ever hope to later in life!

The best way to "win" at Truth or Dare is to lose. Let the girls think they are getting one on you. If you have to get naked while they aren’t, no big deal! It just means you are about to play out your CFNM fantasy in real life and the girls are none-the-wiser!

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These hot girls were paying this guy a visit at the hospital. These girls knew the guy, it was a friend’s father however they didn’t want their friend to see what they were going to do to him so they didn’t invite her. They all wanted this guy’s cock and he obviously wanted them to touch his dick. I mean, there are 4 cute girls wearing skimpy clothing, just waiting to help this guy unload all over them.

This CFNM scene is looking hot already. The one blonde grabs his dick and begins to stroke it, getting it nice and hard. The other girls watch in awe as this girls gives him extreme pleasure. With all the focus on him, he’s feeling really good. To have sexy clothed girls jerking him off is just a dream come true. After a bit of this, these girls start taking turns sucking his cock. They want this old man to cum and they will not let him down!

By stroking, sucking and with all the visual stimulation of these four sexy girls looking hot as hell, he’s bound to cum and soon! It took a mere 5 minutes but this guy shot one of the thickest loads in this clothed female naked male scene.

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Have you ever been robbed by strippers? Well these three unlucky boys sure did! Check out this steamy Pure CFNM episode and watch what happens when these guys decide to have a nice chilling night in and call over some entertainment! When the girls pull out their guns and demand the guys to strip down naked and throw over their wallets and clothes, they are reluctant to do as they’re told! CLICK HERE to download the CFNM encounter and watch them get totally naked!

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The rowdy strippers demand to see them jerk off and start recording their actions on tape to make sure they don’t go to the police! Pretty soon they even have the girls coming close giving him a tease and denial by pretending to suck their cock for the film! If they go to the police the babes will send the tapes to their wives so this was a way to ensure they would behave! WATCH the CFNM action and see the guys get themselves into the most brutal cock control!