Back in high school I was introduced to the perverse fetish that is clothed female naked male by two girls from my senior class. They were both cheerleaders and I was a total nerd that did their homework. One day they invited me over to help with some tutoring, only it was I that was to receive said tutoring.

You could say that these girls were way out of my league. They took pity on me knowing I hadn’t had a sexual experience yet in high school, or any other time for that matter.

Once we got settled in I inquired about the subject they needed help on. They both smiled at each other and then one of them opened up her book to the sex education chapter of her science book. This particular page dealt with ejaculation. They stated that they wanted to see one in real life and they wanted me to be the one to show it to them!

I was flabbergasted. While I had erupted many times while thinking about these two I wasn’t about to do it in front of them. They realized I was embarrassed at the idea of showing them my cock so they suggested it might help if they watched while wearing just their bra and panties. Before I could protest they both stripped out of their cheerleader uniforms faster than you could say, "Oh shit!"

Standing in front of me were two scantly clad barely legal teenage girls. My cock sprung to life before I could head it off with some mind tricks. They saw my stiff member trying hard to break free of its confines and they both pounced on my crotch area. Before I knew what had happened my cock was out of my pants and they were pulling my shirt off one way and my shorts in another.

Now I was naked in front of a girl for the first time since my mom used to bath me when I was just a kid. It felt embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time. Both girls stood up over me grooving their hips so that their panties creased around the folds of their pussies. It seemed like a form of braille for perverts. After several rotations I had a mental image of what both of their pussies most likely looked like.

Up until then everything felt like a dream, but it got more real once they commanded me to jerk myself off. I began to wonder if there were jocks hiding behind a hallway corner or the couch or something. They started wondering aloud if I was gay and suggested that must be why I didn’t think naughty thoughts about girls in panties. Boy reverse psychology has a way of working wonders. Even on nerds like me who should know better!

I gripped my penis and began tugging slowly as if to test the water. They scolded me about not having all day. Eventually one of them would have parents getting home from work so they told me to hurry it up. I began beating my meat like a madman. The girls pulled their panties up into their pussy lips and flashed their nipples here and there as I tugged.

After several minutes of enjoying the view it was time to shoot my load. I asked about where to cum and one of them gestured to a glass sitting on the table. I held it under my cock and shot my sperm in several violent jolts. They both got very excited at the site of my spunk firing out of my cock.

When I was done blowing my load they told me how much of a good boy I was. Then they told me to hurry up and get dressed and leave before somebody caught them with a boy over at the house. At that point I kind of felt used, but then they told me they might need some more samples and one of them stuffed her wet underwear into my backpack. I still have them to this day!

The only problem these days is that finding girls, or women for that matter, that want to role play and do CFNM shows isn’t exactly easy. It isn’t like they have it tattooed on their foreheads or something.

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