Stripper show at bachelorette party turns sexual

When ladies fly into Vegas for a bachelorette party there are certain rules to follow. One of them is that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There is a reason for this rule. Without it marriages would end in divorce. Guys getting married to homely girls wearing glasses don’t expect them to turn into sexual deviants once the Dancing Bears hit the stage. But that is exactly what happens. Can you blame them? They are drunk, horny and its VEGAS!!! sends out bots and hackers looking for videos that are not supposed to be on the internet. After hitting their servers these videos go viral. Soon everyone is wondering where they can get videos like these. There is one good source and it is the Max Jizz Tube. Tell your friends!

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Dancing Bear bachelorette party footage

So my wife just got back from a bachelorette party and she was a little shaken up. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t want to say. Having been married to this woman for twenty years I had never seen her act this way after a party. My mind swam with things that could have gone wrong. I wen to the store to get some wine figuring that would get her to calm down and open up to me with what was bothering her.

She eventually told me that the party had strippers and the girls started having sex with them right out in front of everybody. The guys had huge cocks and it seemed like the girls were all drugged or something because they couldn’t get enough of these strippers cocks. Some of them even fucked the guys right in front of everybody!

I didn’t believe her because it all seemed outlandish so she showed me a streaming cell phone video of a blowjob at a bachelorette party. Then she showed me another video of girls fucking a stripper right in front of the rest of the party.

My wife wasn’t in any of the videos other than to be in the back of the room with a shocked look on her face. But I could tell she thought more highly of the ladies at the party. Now nobody knows if the wedding is even going to go on.

What will go on is my desire to investigate these videos more fully. The SunPorno CFNM videos from Dancing Bear seem to be full of cheating women. Jeez, now I wonder if my wife will consider me cheating watching the videos.

Change of subject.

Have some happy holidays people!

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It all started when bunch of single girls ordered few strippers in Las Vegas for their private party. These horny chicks are literally starving for some cock in their mouth. There is about twenty girls in one room with only one black guy. He dances around them and let them suck his hard black dick one after one. Chicks suck it and wank it like never before.

When all girls had this black cock in their mouth then comes another naked white stripper to the scene. His tightened cock is ready for action! The first girl strikes for that cock. She wanted to have it only for herself! Other girls just jealously watch how she sucks it good. Strippers also use whipped cream on their dicks. Girls love to eat it from hard glans.

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