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Dancing Bear bachelorette party footage

So my wife just got back from a bachelorette party and she was a little shaken up. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t want to say. Having been married to this woman for twenty years I had never seen her act this way after a party. My mind swam with things that could have gone wrong. I wen to the store to get some wine figuring that would get her to calm down and open up to me with what was bothering her.

She eventually told me that the party had strippers and the girls started having sex with them right out in front of everybody. The guys had huge cocks and it seemed like the girls were all drugged or something because they couldn’t get enough of these strippers cocks. Some of them even fucked the guys right in front of everybody!

I didn’t believe her because it all seemed outlandish so she showed me a streaming cell phone video of a blowjob at a bachelorette party. Then she showed me another video of girls fucking a stripper right in front of the rest of the party.

My wife wasn’t in any of the videos other than to be in the back of the room with a shocked look on her face. But I could tell she thought more highly of the ladies at the party. Now nobody knows if the wedding is even going to go on.

What will go on is my desire to investigate these videos more fully. The SunPorno CFNM videos from Dancing Bear seem to be full of cheating women. Jeez, now I wonder if my wife will consider me cheating watching the videos.

Change of subject.

Have some happy holidays people!

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teens sucking on lolipop

My first teen threesome was a work in progress that progressively got better during each successive sexual episode. In the beginning it was me catching my step-sister and her friend acting very whorish with each other. I think that had I not startled them I would have been in for the show of a lifetime. My step-sister and I didn’t meet until we were in our teens so we didn’t feel like most siblings when it came to sex. We were a lot more open to the idea of screwing than most siblings would be who grew up together as siblings.

On this day my sister and her friend were both eating a huge lollipop from both ends. It looked hot and it gave me a raging boner. But I made a noise and they stopped to look at me. My sister’s friend Sara looked right at my boner. Then she whispered to my sister before they both giggled loudly. Sara then turned towards me and told me that if I was going to watch them I would have to strip naked.

Having not been naked in front of a member of the opposite sex since I was like six years old I hesitated. Sara told me, "Okay, then close the door on your way out."

I began stripping my clothes off. When it came time to drop my shorts I stopped for a second taking it all in. What where they going to do for me? Would they think my boner was big enough? I pulled my underwear off and my cock sprung forward with a "swap" flinging precum in the process.

This little show brought elated laughter from the girls. They both leaned into my direction on the bed resting up on their elbows. Both of them were wearing flimsy tops that showed a lot of cleavage. Neither had a bra on. My cock was so hard it hurt!

My sister started licking on sucking on the lollipop and so did Sara from the other side of it. I dreamed of their soft lips on my cock. I didn’t know exactly what it would feel like having them suck me off, but a friend said it felt like a warm banana peel. Which I tried jerking off with and it felt amazing. As it turns out it does feel a lot like soft lips and the inner workings of a little ladies mouth.

I miss my time with my sister and her friend Sara a lot, but I do have a site I go to often to relive the sexy moments from my past. It is called and it has a huge selection of HD teen threesome videos you can watch for free. The full length videos are in 1080p HD and only cost $9.99 a month. It is totally worth the expense!

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When you look at a CFNM situation and break it down to its most basic level you are really talking about femdom. Females dominating their male counterparts either through deception or fear and intimidation. Blackmail goes a long way in the CFNM realm. Women like Royal_Domina know exactly how to remove your defenses. She can strip you of your dignity before you have a chance to put up the wall. is not a fly by night operation. They have been providing their domination chat service for years. Many high powered men come in to be put in their place. To be reminded of just how fragile they really are. One false step and it could be their last.

The live cam network is used by individual dominatrices who need to be able to connect to their subjects when time constraints or distance physically has them set to far apart to meet in person. Maybe a CEO has to go on a trip to Vienna or maybe he only has thirty minutes to spare before giving the presentation of his life. Right from his cell phone he can get the words of discouragement he needs.

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One of my favorite CFNM experiences was with a real domineering nerdy chick who liked to show me off to her friends and take picture of me naked. She was a bit of a bitch. She had dirt on just about everybody on my block and in my school. Including other girls, teachers, faculty and parents!

When I masturbate I like to start out jerking off to CFNM porn videos. Then I branch out into other stuff and more often then not I come right back to the CFNM porn. Certain networks have it set up where you can enjoy their clothed female naked male content and other content without having to buy eighteen different passwords. One in particular has everything a growing porn habit needs. It is called Reality Kings.

You can get in for the low rate of only $9.95 a month with the porn discount for Reality Kings on The discounts on Porn Deals change from time to time so it is important to take advantage of the good ones like this one before they go back up again.

If you are looking for a good deal on porn you won’t beat this one!

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cfnm mature dating fantasies

The first time I had a CFNM experience with a busty MILF was when I was spending the night at a family friend’s house. My parents were going out of town and she was the only person around that could watch over me. She was very beautiful and about three times my age. She had never had any kids, but that didn’t matter when it came to her tits. They were huge!

As you might imagine I was very interested in seeing her naked boobs. One night while she was in the shower I slipped into her room and crept over to the bathroom area hoping to sneak a peek at her luscious rack of tits. I could hear the shower running. As I crept passed her discarded clothing I noticed her satin panties. They had a full back on them and looked so soft. I had to touch them to my cock.

Listening for her I could hear the shower water making noises that told me she was most likely washing her hair. I reached down and grabbed her panties. I noticed the gusset was wet. I am talking very wet. I smelled her wetness and it smelled of pee and something else. A musky sent. I ran my finger over the wetness and noticed it felt gooey. It was her pussy cum. I licked it and pulled my cock out of my pants to stroke it off. Just as soon as my cock burst out of my zipper I heard a shriek!

It was the lady of the house. She was standing there in front of me wearing a satin robe. I was caught red handed. There was no use in trying to hide what I was doing. Standing there with my dick in my hand and her panties to my face I waited for her to do something. Suddenly her look of horror began to fade into a look of coyness. She shot me a wry smile and lifted herself up onto the counter. My hand began to pump again and I inhaled her scent again. My cock was massively hard and throbbing so hard I knew I would cum soon.

My babysitter played with the top of her robe letting it fall just enough to show the better part of her boobs without showing me her nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my cum all over her bathroom tile. Some of it shot far enough to land on her leg. She ran a finger through it and tasted it while my cock kept spurting. She looked so hot!

Even though I am in my twenties and perfectly capable of taking care of myself I still find that having an older woman watch me jerk off is the ultimate fantasy. To find hot women for the job I hit up New women are coming online all of the time so there is always somebody new to find, hookup with and live out my CFNM fantasies!

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Ever since I was caught jerking off to the site of my step-sister and one of her lesbian friends making out I have been hooked on having two girls tell me what to do next. My sister has grown and moved on. Now it is just me and my sick thoughts. To rekindle that feeling again I have been using the real lesbian webcams on

At first I was shocked by how many lesbian cams they have on their network. Now that I have had some lengthy chats with girls there I understand why. It seems I am not alone in my preference for being told what to do by overbearing sisters on cam. The girls tell me they get requests like that daily. Usually multiple requests per day. it is nice knowing I am not some kind of freak!

Examine your sickest CFNM fantasies to the fullest with free live chat with hot lesbians on LiveX. You can get started by filling in their form and confirming the Email link they send to you. It is all done automatically so that the only live people you have to talk to are the hot chat babes!

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mijn profiel: Beerlegemse

Mijn Profiel: Beerlegemse

Hey guys! I am from East Flanders in Belgium and I want to hook up with sane guys for insane sex. At 33 years old I have managed to keep my body ready for all night sex and hope you have been doing the same. I am more into sensual and soft than hard and heavy. If you like treating a woman right before hitting the sheets for full body massages and long nights of passion I am your dame!

So guys, who is up for tapping that ass? Yes, yes, I know she wants you to be civil, but who could blame you for going bananas when you see that spankable booty? Of course you are going to smack that ass! Maybe teach her a thing for two about submitting and having fun doing it!

But if she ain’t up for it there are plenty of CFNM cam sex partners that will do all of the things that run through your dirty mind. All I know is you had better not spend another night alone with Rosy and her sisters!

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sister and friend tug his cock

I swear, chicks are so fucking easy to manipulate if you just use your noodle. No, not the noodle in your noggin. I am talking about the noodle in your pants. Believe it or not girls are ultra curious about cocks. They will do just about anything to see your dick if you know how to play your card correctly. Look at this handjob video of two girls jerking a monster cock. As far as handjob video go this one takes the cake for hitting on everything us guys dream about. Two hot girls wanting to play with your cock!

If you like that video you can find more handjob porn videos on where they update daily and give you access to thousands of videos they have collected over the years.

If you are going to dream, do it with hot babes!

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kelly and lucy anne from only tease

My fascination with hot babes being fully dressed and using me for sex started with two girls that lived on my street. They were best friends. Both of them were smoking hot. Every guy I knew wanted to fuck both of them. I on the other hand was kind of a nerd. But what I found is that I was also just attractive enough to peak their devilish side. One day they put me to the test.

While those days are long gone and the memories are fading I still enjoy the fantasy of having a hot babe in charge while not allowing it all to hangout. There is a hardcore eroticism that goes along with non nude erotic photos.

Get the hookup on hundreds of thousand of erotic pics of hot babes wearing next to nothing. continuously updates with the most sensual art work in the form of porn pics, videos and eroticism. No other site has this level of quality and gives it all away for free!

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playing a role in adult dating

Here at CFNM Journal the question most often asked in the comments is how does somebody go about finding someone else to play a role for them. The short answer to that is that you don’t. The long answer is that you find somebody that shares your fetish. Not somebody that is merely putting up with it. On Fuck Buddy 101 you can find others out there that share your desires. Think of it as school for the fetish complimented challenged, or those that have a hard time finding others that share common ground when it comes to sex.

The standout aspect that most people enjoy most on is that you aren’t locked into anything long term. Find a sex buddy for free and if you don’t enjoy them after the honeymoon period is over you can always find somebody else. Or several somebodies else.

Do what thousands of happy individuals and couples have done before you. Find a fuck buddy online at Fuck Buddy 101 and change your life forever!