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Tai Chi is all about concentration and meditation! When an instructor begins his class he gets the students breathing deeply and asking questions about the ancient art of practicing tai chi! After he tells them that in the olden days the men got naked and did the ritual before going off hunting, the girls were eager to see how it was done! Since he was such a strong mental leader, he didn’t refuse and stripped down to show them how its done. He even got the male student in his class to do the same and that’s where the CFNM encounter began! DOWNLOAD the video and watch the girls gang up on the two guys and get them into cock control!


While stretching one way, the male student gets his dick grabbed, making him have an erection in seconds! Pretty soon all the clothed ladies swarm around the instructor and start working up his cock! The tease and denial continues when they make them masturbate in front of all to see and give themselves forced hand jobs! SEE the CFNM action and watch the boys get some ruined orgasms trickling down their shaft!